The beginnings of a blog…?

I’ve been feeling that something has been missing from this website for a while. Previous incarnations of my photography websites have had an element of autonomy, linking to and directly pulling photos from my flickr account. However as my skills developed and I started to make money from my photography, it was no longer possible to continue to do this due to the strict rules and regulations on the use of flickr for commercial purposes.

As a result, this site was created. I uploaded a selection of my photographs, and then…left it. It’s rarely updated, and this is a bad thing for a photographic website. My solution to this, is to try to start a (semi)regular blog with updates on my work, photography, and life in general. I hope the content is interesting and relevant, and doesn’t put off potential future clients. In fact, I hope the opposite might happen, putting a human face to this site, allowing visitors to get to know me better before deciding whether I can offer any services to them.

So, thank you for reading this, the maiden blog post. I do hope you continue to visit, if you have any questions, feedback or comments please do get in touch.