I offer a range of services for where images are required of objects at extreme levels of magnification.

With a background in environmental science, I have gained much experience in light microscopy and the use of cameras in capturing images through microscopes, also known as photomicrography.


Image of a coin using a low power microscope at 10x,20x,30x and 40x magnification

Using specialist camera adapters and computer software, not only is it possible to obtain images at over 100x magnification, I am also able to increase the Depth of Field (DoF) – the part of an image in focus, to levels unreachable with standard cameras and technology. This process is known as image stacking and depending on the size of the subject being photographed, and the depth of field required, it can require up to 50 seperate photographs to be taken to create a single image.

Combining image stacking with image stitching, it is also possible to create very high resolution images at very high magnification. By its very nature this can require hundreds of photographs to be taken, and is very time consuming.

Using the same specialist techniques, I am also able to replace the microscope with a macro lens for larger subjects.


An example of a focus stacked image, the stag beetle image above was created from over 25 separate photographs, providing a very high level of detail at all depths.


As each photomicrography project is unique, please contact me to discuss your requirements.