Fixed point photography

Wide angle landscape-scale fixed point photography of a heathland-coniferous plantation mosaic landscape.

Fixed point photography services available. My schedule is quite hectic, so please get in touch to discuss your needs. If I am unavailable I may still be able to assist indirectly!

What is Fixed point photography?

In simple terms, it is well documented site photography. As well as providing high-quality photographs of a location, additional information is recorded and presented, so that it is possible to return and re-photograph the site at a later date, in the same locations and conditions, to show any changes in habitat or site.

How can fixed point photography be useful?

  • Conservation and habitat management. Photographic records of changes in habitat, such as vegetation cover, disturbance and encroaching development provide a quick, cheap and easy way of site monitoring.
  • Development. Useful for showing locations before, during, and after major projects.

What I can offer

Each fixed-point photography project is different, with its own requirements, timeframe and budget. Fixed point services I can offer include:

  • Photographs with location, equipment, settings and condition data attached
  • Installation of permanent marker points for continuous monitoring
  • Mapping options to illustrate location and directions of photographs
  • Training


As each project is different, it is difficult to provide a list of fees on this website. However, as a baseline figure, a half day in the field would cost £300 + travel expenses. A full day would cost £500.

These fees include photography (and associated data), as well as an initial 1 hour meeting to discuss requirements. The exact number of photographs would depend on project requirements, size of site etc. Usually a half day is sufficient unless the site is particularly large, difficult to access, or a large number of photographs are required. Discounts are available for return visits/long-term projects.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and I will be happy to provide a more detailed quote tailored to your project.